remembering Alaya

bathintentions was her idea, her vision. she was the creative and genius behind it all

Our girl, Alaya, was known for her determination, resiliency, boundless energy and a wicked set of eyebrows.

Not everyone agreed with this, of course. Even Alaya would say her eyebrows should be listed first. That’s Alaya—she also had a great sense of humour. Our darling girl left us in September 2018 and every day, the memories make us laugh and they make us cry. She was an inspiration to everyone who knew her.

Oh, come on. Everyone says that, right? Perhaps. But to know just how inspirational she was, you had to understand the struggles she endured. Her battle with cancer began at age three when she was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. Successful treatment came after two bone-marrow transplants from her brother. Cancer finally took her at just 16 years of age—but not until it had tried SEVEN TIMES!

What she packed into those 16 years impresses even the most ambitious among us.
Take our humble little bathintentions, as just one example. Yes, this was her idea. Entirely. She was the creative and ideas genius behind it all. The Hugs and Kisses Delivery Program—where we give a basket of products to people who need a little extra love? Another one of her ideas. Community love, where we help others improve their fundraising? That was her, too. In fact, giving back was one of her biggest loves. She was constantly raising money to fight cancer. Not just for her, but for all the Alayas to come.

She captured people’s hearts and her devotion to raising awareness and money to fight cancer was admirable. Just three months before she passed, she was the main speaker at the Cornwall Relay for Life. “Many of you might wonder how I deal with all this,” she was quoted as saying. “I tell people that I live every day remembering that my struggles help shape me as a person, but they do not define who I am.”

Mature, wise and self-aware beyond her years. We love you, Alaya, and miss you terribly. Your spirit remains in our hearts and we continue to be inspired by you every day.

with love, xoxox

Dinah & the bathintentions team