celebrating 4 years in business

it’s our 4th anniversary, and we have so much to celebrate!!! the past few years have known some of the worst events and some triumphant successes.

these past few month of 2020 have brought us so much change, so much to reflect on and so much to be thankful for. during these uncertain times, we’ve been thinking a lot about what bathintentions stands for, and how our message is so important to the things that are going on in our world today. 

the bathinentions story is about love, resilience and community.

we wanted to share our business values.


you know the safety demonstration on the plane? when the masks drop and they tell you to put yours on first before assisting those beside you? we struggle with this…as caregivers, mothers and partners. we want to help everyone else.

sometimes, we need to take a step back, breathe and apply that same logic to our own life. no matter how hectic your day is today, put 15 minutes aside just for you. read a book, go for a walk, indulge in what brings you joy…

bathintentions believes in smalls gestures of self-love and handcrafts products to make it easier to take care of yourself. relax and meditate with a bath bomb. release the stress of the day with our “i am so relaxed” lavender patchouli shower steamer. feel like a kid again with our “i am wonderful” cotton candy sugar scrub bonbons. celebrate an achievement with some red and white wine mini bath bomb set. make yourself a priority.


community is about belonging and sharing. the pandemic has demonstrated that even while social distancing how important and possible it is to reach out and build community with modern technology. a little text or video call can make a world of difference in someone’s day, while we may be taking health precautions these days, doesn’t mean we can’t nurture the ties that bind us. self-isolation has also given many of us time to reflect and spend time with loved ones at home, while we find our footing in our new normal. our community has stayed strong with the help of all the essential workers, we thank you.

bathintentions is all about community xoxox sharing love and appreciation is a simple way for us to give back, we were blessed during Alaya’s journey with so much.

bathintentions offers to recognize those in the community who are always there. our hugs and kisses delivery program has gifted over $4 000 in self-care products. we are so grateful to be in a position to help and to give.


our handcrafted, artisan products are made with love, wonderful skin-loving natural ingredients and high quality essential oils and fragrances. plain and simple. we never cut corners to cut costs, we never sacrifice the integrity of our ingredients. that is our promise to you.



did you know we currently design and handcraft from scratch between 50 to 60 original products in our little studio? every day we try to think of new products that you will love. our bathintentions online parties lately have been a hit and we will keep finding new ways to bring our products to you in the changing times. 

now it’s your turn! we want to challenge YOU to be creative with our products!! take a picture with your bathintentions products, share on facebook, tag us on instagram and use the #bathintentions hashtag. we want your help to spread the word! you can even do the tik tok, whatever that is…lol


(noun) – the act or action of empowering someone or something : the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties.

this value is fundamental to our business. we strive to empower people, and especially women, to make time for themselves. the “i am statement” on each product sets an intention for good things to happen. these messages are self-affirming and wonderful for meaningful gifting. the “i am” statements reflect the feeling or wish you want to put into the world.

we implement empowerment in our workplace, business practices and projects and movements that we support.

we couldn’t mention empowerment without using our platform to acknowledge and show our support for the Black Lives Matter movement. we cannot be silent when systemic racism exists within our society and we want to work together to make the future a safer and more accepting place for all. 

our values motivate us, set us apart and keep us striving ever forward with purposeful intention. after these 4 years, we look back thankful for all the lessons learned and successes had. but more importantly, we thank our young shining star and co-founder Alaya for the wisdom and the love for others that made this company a place where values come first, and the rest follows.


love, health and happiness