bathintentions gift suggestions

it’s that time of year, to shop for holiday gifts whether you are ready or not! we make it easy for you. we have suggestions for everyone on your list and with easy online ordering with free shipping/delivery for orders over $75, you can relax and accomplished without having to deal with crowded malls and last- minute purchases. we offer over 50 products and love sharing the joy. we design our recipes with earth-sourced ingredients to benefit your skin and scents and colors to enhance your relaxation experience.

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid

we have the perfect gift for everyone on your list. does your mom need some downtime to help her relax before bed? our  i am so relaxed lavender bath bomb and our i am so sleepy pillow spray tells her, that you know how hard she works. have a friend who believes in the law of attraction and needs some inspiration, we have you covered with our i am magical fortune cookies, not only are these wonderfully scented bath bombs gorgeous in the water, they each contain a quote from the universe that will float to the surface after the bath bomb has dissolved.

we are often asked if bath bombs are safe for children? we value integrity and are honest that we know bath bombs, as other bath products are not for everyone. skin sensitivities vary from one person to the next and certain children have very delicate skin. we use gentle ingredients and thrive to source the best. bath bombs are made with 50% baking soda which is very different from many of the chemicals in bubble bath, so if a child has used bubble bath with no issue, they should be fine with bath bombs. this is truly a personal decision. our minis are 1/3 of the size as our regular bath bombs and can be wonderful for children to enjoy bath time. we have some great young scents that make kids ask for a bath.

person in bath

looking for a unique gift for the person in your life that is too busy or does not like taking baths? we handcraft shower steamers made with essential oils and menthol crystals for a full spa experience at home. use our eucalyptus camphor, if you feel congested. gift your loved ones with the citrus blend shower steamers for a great wake up call in the morning.

we hope that we have helped you with your shopping list. feel free to contact us if you still need ideas. we are more than happy to put together a basket for you for that someone special on your list.